Talk Soon, Stay Creative

Hello everyone!

I am so happy to check in, it sure has been a while!  I’ve been keeping active working my daily job, pursuing freelance opportunities, starting a baking business and a social media consultation service, blogging over at my personal blog space Ohgabetta, and living life well otherwise.  It’s been fun and keeps me moving, which I am always thankful for!

I am still aiming to revamp this here space on the interwebz in a new direction to share content.  As a refresher, this website was created during my time as a graduate student with Full Sail University, where I earned my masters in New Media Journalism just over a year ago.  I am so incredibly proud to have built it up and love to look back on my growth in the areas of new media, content creation, journalism-all of it!  The opportunity of pursuing grad school was altogether humbling, gratifying, riveting, and all other super exciting adjectives for feeling alive!

For now, this site will continue to serve as a portfolio to demonstrate some of my previous work and ability to create multimedia content and generate online news reports.  Thank you for visiting for the first time or the hundredth time.   Support is a key essential in all areas of life and yours is incredibly appreciated.

Talk soon, stay creative,



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