A Survey for Goodness and History Sake

Two recent articles in the Orlando Sentinel offer reports related to both historic preservation and extinction. One story covers a recent gathering in Mount Dora to commemorate “the 90th anniversary of Mount Dora’s first fire station.” At this event, “several fire trucks from the 1920s to the present day lined Royellou Lane, outside the Mount Dora Historical Museum.”

The second story shares details behind a cherished city of Maitland landmark being destroyed when a motorist, with a trailer attached to his vehicle, hit the covering above a bridge and it collapsed. “Covered Bridge Park in Maitland has lost an essential landmark: its covered bridge.” The intentions of the city in regards to what may come for the area are unknown. The hope is that “the bridge will be rebuilt — and maybe even improved.”

Both of these examples serve as an opportunity to “check in” on these deep-rooted historical places and things. Whether it’s something tangible like a fire truck that can be preserved to transition through multiple generations or something where an accident “deletes” something, questions remain. How do residents feel? City officials? What opportunities are there to add input? Also, if an accident is the cause for a historical landmark disappearing, is there a higher chance it will be replaced or repaired?

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The questions in the survey above allow for a chance to learn more about the thought process of any resident with any amount of interest, or lack of, on these scenarios. The survey helps to provide insight on what a person notices in relation to their city’s history. Your participation is greatly appreciated and tremendously important to research.