About MKH


Megan Hyde’s love for writing began when she served as a staff writer for the Highlands Elementary (Bears) school newspaper.  She enjoyed covering such events as spelling bees, award ceremonies, and various other hot topics of the time (circa 1995).  Around this same time, Megan began her exploration of creative writing and earned her first acknowledgement for her short story, “The Can of Worms.”  Both hard news of the day as well as lighter, fictional pieces have intrigued this author into adulthood.

Megan has focused on English/Writing/Journalism classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  From Technical Writing, to creative pieces, to New Media Journalism, she looks for constant opportunities to sharpen her craft.  After all, experience and practice are two of the best tools a writer can have.  Megan has collaborated, as both an intern and a contributor, with several print and digital magazines in the Orlando area and is always interested to discover new occasions to build upon her skill set.

This website serves as a platform to share coverage on local and national news events.  Topics include but are not limited to: entertainment, fashion, and style;  current trends and human interest; and the exploration of new media elements.  Most importantly, MKH Life & Style is a website dedicated to honest, thorough, and well-rounded reporting.

Thank you for visiting this space!