Annual Harvest Festival Promotes Health, Wellness, and Education For All

Fourth Annual Winter Park Harvest Festival from Megan Hyde on Vimeo.

The Winter Park Harvest Festival was held on a day of sunshine, a light breeze, and tons of opportunity to explore any interest one may have for a healthier lifestyle.  Vendors with products from organic sugar cane, to homemade bath salts, to fresh baked bread and desserts all gathered to share their take on healthful options for the items.

This being the Fourth Annual Harvest Festival, there was a great size crowd full of kids running and getting exercise; college aged students dancing to the live music; and many others invested in learning and living a wholesome life.  The atmosphere was full of wonderful food aromas and a spirit of dedication to the cause.  Watch the video above for more direct coverage.

Refer to this simple guide to learn of helpful tips for wellness also:

Created by Megan Hyde

Created by Megan Hyde

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