City of Oviedo Discusses Urbanization

According to an article by, Mayor Dominic Persampiere of Oviedo, Fla., feels moving towards “a more urban feel, will add more character to Oviedo.”  Mayor Persampiere has shared there would possibly be “an adoption,” which is known as a form-based code the city would follow.  This would create change for future developments in the city and these expansions would offer the urbanized approach that is being discussed.  If this does go into effect officially, the plans for what would be known as Oviedo on the Park would be finalized around 2015.

Oviedo, having been established as a city in 1925 with then only a population of 800 residents, is known for its sprawling suburban neighborhoods, chickens who roam the roads just as the residents do, and it is a hometown place various families choose to plant their roots.  A few businesses now inhabiting the city that offer employment, as well as opportunity to participate in various life events, are Publix, the Oviedo Marketplace Mall, and also there is a Seminole State College campus.

The city of Oviedo has been home to many individuals over the years; photo credit MKHyde, May 2013

The city of Oviedo has been home to many individuals over the years; photo credit MKHyde, May 2013

The goal for the urbanization is to offer more business growth for both the city and the residents to utilize.  In an Orlando Sentinel article, Mayor Persampiere stated, “Right now our building codes promote suburban sprawl.”  The Mayor went on to explain if the new code is adopted, the need to “stay within our urban vision,” is a necessity.  With the concept of this urbanization being weighed out, there is a steady stream of emotion from residents.

Sweet Repeats is a consignment boutique that has been a staple in the Oviedo downtown area for the last 18 years.  Julie Richardson, a lifelong resident of Oviedo and owner of Sweet Repeats for the last six years, states, “I have mixed emotions.  I have lived here my whole entire life.  I wish there was a way they could make downtown into the way a lot of the older downtowns have been made and reroute the whole city.  Sanford, Winter Garden, Apopka, all of those places are done very nice, very upscale but kept the downtown quaint.”

Richardson offers understanding further saying, “Because of my heritage of being here all my life, I am going to miss that part but I do understand the urbanization does need to come; we do need to expand, there needs to be more businesses more restaurants, more opportunities for everybody. I do understand that so I do have mixed emotions.”