Jodi Arias: Social Media Access Okay or Not?

Jodi Arias murdered her ex boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in June of 2008 and was found guilty of this in the first-degree in May of 2013.  Initially, Arias stated she knew nothing of the murder; Arias then said masked men invaded Alexander’s home killing him; then Arias said she killed Alexander in self defense.  As for the way in which Arias should spend the rest of her days, the jury of four women and eight men who listened to all testimony, declared a mistrial once they could not agree on sentencing Arias to death or to life in prison.

Accordingly to an article from, “The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office will now have to decide whether to seat a brand new jury to re-try the penalty phase, or opt not to, putting sentencing in the hands of Judge Stephens but simultaneously taking death off the table.”  With the lack of a verdict for Arias the first time around, many have questioned plenty of what ifs further.  One idea being brought up is the actions of Arias during the trial in the actual courtroom and also with the media as well.

For example, Arias has communicated with the media in several instances, one being through Twitter, with help from a friend who said they “go over what Arias wants to tweet.”  The friend who runs the Twitter account for Arias, Donovan Bering, explains it as, “She’ll call and say, ‘Hey, you know, I have a quote,’ and we’ll talk about it,” Bering told the station. “And she’ll say, ‘Let’s tweet.”  According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office via the, there isn’t much that can be done in regards to this.  Watch below to hear more of what Bering has to say about the use of Arias’ Twitter account:

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According to a video from, CNN correspondent Casey Wian stated, “Prosecutors will be able to bring those contradictory interviews into evidence in a new penalty phase.”

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This information may come back into play if a new jury decides to reevaluate all components of this type of interaction on Arias’ behalf.  There have been two sides to this portion of this case.  Some may believe it is Arias’ right in the age of the world and some may find it inappropriate to have access though the help of someone else.  Either way, this type of continued social media use is a new consideration for a high profile case such as this one.