Passing time with band The Passenger

The Passenger from Megan Hyde on Vimeo.

Fans chatting anxious and excited; conversation happening from one crowd to the next; anticipation is building and suddenly there is a shuffle to a stage as cheers and hollers roar loudly.  The crowd is pumped and the band is ready to jam.  It’s time to sing along to new and old favorites, clapping, cheering, dancing, and singing as loud as you possibly can.  This was the exact scene on Friday August 16th at The Social in Orlando, Fla.  Several bands took the stage for the night and enthusiasm was apparent from one show to the next.  One band, The Passenger, who attributes some of their musical styling to the sounds of :Weezer, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, and Nirvana” performed with an eagerness that rippled through the air and provoked the crowd around them to sway, dance, and actively enjoy the atmosphere.

The Passenger sat down with prior to this performance and shared personal insight on their musical journey.  Members Noah Kussack, Beau Rothman, Bennett Newsome, Manny Monteagudo, and Will Brotz each bring a love of music and a passion for performing whether during practice, in the studio recording, or hitting the stage to a packed crowd.  Formed in the summer of 2011, members have been contributing energized performances and a whole lot of rock and roll anthems to the music scene since.  The connection these musicians have when creating together is apparent, inspiring, and utterly contagious. Hear of more specifics from band manager, Alyse Cohen as well to learn insider perspective of these gentlemen who rock and most importantly, laugh together on this voyage.