Skateboarders Show Determination at 2nd Annual Avalon Park Skateboard Fest

Avalon Park 2nd Annual Skateboard Fest from Megan Hyde on Vimeo.

In coverage this week, explored the world of skateboarding to learn just what gets members of this community so stoked for their sport.  As individuals gathered to participate at the 2nd Annual Avalon Skateboard Fest, the presence of comradery, dedication, and determination were in the air the entire day as skaters kept themselves and onlookers constantly watching their skills.  The day was hot with clear blue skies hovering above, as skateboard enthusiasts came together to compete in events such as distance races and show their skills with using various styles of boards.

Vendors provided Muscle Milk, Italian Ice, and churros for attendees to enjoy and the day also offered an award ceremony for event winners and trivia questions where victors scored board decor such as stickers, safety gear like elbow pads, and even skateboards. Exhilarated smiles were wide spread and excitement was rampant.  Those part of the festival skated away with stories and memories alike to share until the next time they glide along the pavement together.