Study of Florida History: The Journey Continues

As research and investigation is under way for regarding Florida History and its significance, it’s relevance, and the understanding of it, much of the response that has been is received can be surmised in one key word: intrigue. From study and exploration this far, it has been discovered that the general audience for this subject are curious already and many also have specific areas they feel connected to. There are quite a few who wish to venture to more places and learn about their “Sunshine State” of residence as well.

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The feedback from a survey this website implemented one week ago consistently shows there is an interest to learn more about Florida history. Whether by visiting an organization ready to educate, such as historic centers, or a dedicated approach to visiting places before they are gone, as seen in a previous posting here, people desire to learn more. Some specific examples of cities in the Central Florida region, which will be explored further by, are the areas of Winter Garden and Winter Park. Further to come is various interview segments with persons connected to preservation, specific affiliations to historic research, and those with various levels of community involvement.


The Winter Park Historic Museum features several exhibits related to preservation. (Photo by: Megan K Hyde/Full Sail University; October 2013)

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 3.03.29 PM

Winter Garden has many areas dedicated to sharing the story of this city’s history. (Photo by: Megan K Hyde/Full Sail University; September 2013)

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 3.03.10 PM

Edgewater Hotel in Winter Garden Florida. (Photo by: Megan K Hyde/Full Sail University; September 2013 )

One other aspect learned through surveying and discussion, is a want to be provided more direct insight and examples on specific “Historic Florida” places to visit. This will be determined in a unique way and the development of this segment will aim to offer thorough ideas on learning more about the past while living in the present. will continue to hit the pavement to offer more direct reports on places to visit and learn about. To help get a road map planned, please participate in the newest survey below. Learning about history happens jointly so let’s keep studying together:

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